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Active Tourism

The vacation and vocational tourist has found a response to the demand for experiences related to sport and physical activity. Our property has excellent facilities to practice golf and apart from that, its closeness to the beach makes it the perfect environment to do paddle sur or windsurf.

A good network of cycling routes and the proximity of the Doñana National Park, a unique and privileged refuge for birds, give us thousands of alternatives and different leisure possibilities designed for adventurous travellers, sportspeople, families... And here we show you some of them, don't miss your chance.


Culinary experience is one of the most valued, recognized, remembered and photographed experiences during the getaways and holidays. For the following reasons: the pleasure of enjoying quality and personalised products, and because gastronomy plays a leading role in local culture, and this is a way of getting to know it by immersing yourself in its variety, taste and colours.

Our offer of gastronomic and gourmet experience is huge, and don’t forget to try our craft beers paired with a good quality cheese or the highly renowned PDO ham. Bon appetit!


Handicraft can be one of the most authentic traditions of the culture of a country or a region. Its essence is a combination of common wisdom, adaptation to the environment, useful day-to-day products, materials and undoubtedly, the art of combining everything.

Getting to know the handicraft of this area is an invitation to experiment and grow, and that is why our recommendations gather an array of suggestions that will help you to get to know the deep-rooted leather industry for the production of shoes and embossed items or the traditional method of producing handmade bread. Perhaps after this experience you will decide on cooking your own healthy and original bread made with the best ingredients.


Spain is a multicultural country. Over the centuries, many civilizations have come and gone and all of them have left their mark. We are a melting pot of different traditions, knowledge, habits and this can be reflected, for example, in our architecture.

Our buildings, churches, bridges and parks offer an interesting and unique mix, and that is an added attraction to your stay with us. You should include in your itineraries the activities that will make this experience unforgettable for you. Apart from leisure activities, such as sport or relaxing on the beach, don’t forget to leave some time to get to know our culture, to pay tribute to other times that have become the showcase of what we were and what we are capable to be. Those are moments to enjoy, share and remember with your family.  

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